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I have had chronic lyme disease for over 26 years now and have been homebound for about 17 years .. After My sister and My Dog died last August I almost gave up but I started praying and praying and I heard God say oneday " A Cure Is Coming " I cried and cried ... Then I kept hearing a word Tesla every few days and I had no Idea what it met .. I told my mother to look it up but it really didnt make any since to me until oneday I was listening to one of Charlie Wards videos and it was about Med beds that are coming to cure people and a man invented them years ago named Tesla ... OMG My Mom and Me About Flipped Out .. So ever since I can see everything clear as day and understand everything and it seems like im the only one in my whole big family .. My mom says she believes me but I can feel She is still very skeptic about it all.. Im Just So Glad I found Charlie Simon and Mel K about a year ago .. and now I found you laura .. I cant wait to be cured and to be able to live a normal life .. And to be able to help people get through this new world .. Im sure so many will be lost and many will be angry and there will be some that are just not ready to believe any of this right now but thats ok it will take time .. Im about like you , some days im so happy in side im about to burst then other days I wake up and im just down and depressed for what reasons I have no idea .. lol. I wake up all thru the night and dont know why .. Im just so excited for all the blessings that are about to come our way .. It will be the best time to be living in the world ever!!! 🙏💕✝️🙏💕✝️🙏💕✝️

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Lisa A. Ray

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