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David vs Goliath

We are facing a big monster, not just an evil giant but an entity so dark, so omnipresent and overreaching that it’s managed to contaminate every aspect of life on this planet. Humanity is fortunately beginning to awaken to the knowledge of this evil, but the hardest part is to acknowledge that it also managed to percolate our souls.

We were seduced, because that is what evil does best, into conforming to a system that feeds our materialistic needs, our narcissistic instincts, our conformity and our complacency. We got used to accepting the unacceptable because ‘that’s just the way it is’, we became desensitised, sanitised, tolerant to the intolerable and completely lost in a world of self-preservation, self-glorification and total immunity to the suffering of others.

As a courageous portion of humanity opens its eyes to this realisation, the painful process of auto-reflection and introspection commences. We must, to a certain degree, take responsibility for the state of the world, for we allowed it to be. Slowly, little by little, we allowed darkness to creep into every corner of our lives. We were too busy, or too lazy or too seduced by it to stop it, and now most people cannot even recognise it within themselves. This is the greatest tragedy and the hardest threshold to overcome; the acceptance of one’s responsibility in this situation. Not by direct implication, but by passive, tacit, lazy and ignorant consent. Until we drum up the courage to look at ourselves in the mirror and acknowledge how lost we were, how misled, how blind, how selfish, how vain and how far from the light we had drifted, we stand no chance to reverse the tragic course of events that are unfolding in front of our eyes, for even if it were to hit us, we would not see it coming.

Awareness starts with self-awareness. Understanding who you are, where you come from, and what you are made of, will make you see what you have become and how much you may have to rectify your course, your character or your behaviour. We cannot improve the world if we don’t improve ourselves. We cannot defeat darkness until we become only light, with no shadows inside, no ghosts, no blurred lines. Instead, a pure heart, a clean slate, a working moral compass and a determination to pursue and defend truth above all.

It is my opinion, that those of us that are in the process of awakening as I write this piece, were not as lost to begin with, we were, to some extent, still in touch with that which guides us; still connected to our intuition, our instinct, our soul. It is us, that are now trying to save humanity by warning others of the darkness that’s about to crush us. We are, in essence, David.

Becoming David is a not an easy process; it takes courage, self-determination, discipline and a clear notion of good and evil. No blurred lines, no moral ambiguity, no darkness in your soul. It requires a pure heart, a sense for justice, and an insatiable need for truth, freedom and righteousness. I believe that the sling that will bring us victory lies in each and every one of us taking responsibility for ourselves, our lives and the world around us. This is what the Great Awakening is, this is the coming of the light that destroys all darkness; it’s our light, our love, our courage and our compassion that holds the key to heaven on earth.

We all have to become David. Once we can all shine the light that God gave us, in its highest expression, there will be no Goliath we can’t defeat.

Be David.

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