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Reality vs Reality

Lately it feels like we are experiencing two different realities, and as time progresses these two realities are not only becoming more defined, they are also becoming more polarised. Some of you will have no idea what I am talking about, whilst others will immediately be able to relate to my words. This is yet again, another example of this dual reality we are confronted with.

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in humanity’s evolution, a tipping point, a quantum leap, a transformation. Some of us can see this imminent ‘awakening’ and it has not only become our reality, it has become the motive for our current existence. Everything that is happening we see through the lens of this extremely necessary evolutionary change that is finally here to transform us and the world for the better.

We not only hold it as our truth, we try to bring it to light for others to see and embrace. It is critical after all, that more and more people switch to this reality; collective consciousness is the most powerful engine of creation, and one we must use to save ourselves. But we are cognitive of the fact that this is a reality that only some of us are experiencing. Many others cannot see it, feel it or understand it. In fact, it’s not even registering with them, so just as if we lived in parallel universes, some go about life suffering and accepting the situation with no awareness, no true understanding and no appreciation of how everything is about to change, whilst others are acutely aware of how important it is to seek truth, to claim sovereignty, to reject this dystopian reality and to raise our frequencies and consciousness to match the reality we seek.

Those of us that see how humanity is about to go through a metamorphosis comparable to that which the worm experiences to become a butterfly, have had to face many difficult moments to get here. The journey has not been easy. It takes courage to face certain truths and humility to accept that a lot of what you were basing your life on was a lie. Only when you are willing to let go of everything you were taught and look at things with an open mind and an honest heart, can you begin the journey of awakening. As you do, bear in mind, you are indeed stepping into another reality and the further you go, the further apart you will move from those that have still not started the journey. You are taking a road less travelled, away from mainstream, a road out of the matrix. Congratulations.

These two realities are currently co-existing and they each lead down completely divergent paths and therefore completely different future realities. This has been bothering me of late; will these two realities ever reconcile? Converge? Bond? Is the concept of parallel realities even a possibility? What is the true nature of reality anyway?

In July 1930, Einstein invited Rabindranath Tagore (Literature Nobel Prize Laureate) to his home near Berlin, for a stimulating intellectual conversation on the nature of reality amongst other things. During the conversation Tagore expressed his understanding of reality, “…the world apart from us does not exist; it is a relative world, depending for its reality upon our consciousness.”.

Looks like the science man and the mystic poet were in agreement! We create our own reality through the frequency of our consciousness, or rather, we connect to the reality that matches our consciousness.

“Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Albert Einstein

As we now know, space is not empty, it’s made up of incredible amounts of energy working at many different frequencies of vibration. Think of it as a radio, as you turn the dial you tune into different frequencies that are broadcasting different things. As humans we are limited by the frequency band that our five senses will allow us to perceive, but there are many more coexisting in the same space/time continuum.

The ancients used the term ‘planes’ for the different frequency bands and the parallel realities they contain, more recently we’ve come to refer to them as “dimensions' or ‘densities’. Humanity is in the 3rd plane, third density, or third dimension of existence, which is very close to the bottom of the frequency bands. It is a very dense material plane with a level of consciousness characterised by a loss of connection with our higher selves, limited awareness, ego-centric thinking, and fear. Sounds familiar?

However, in the last few years the base frequency of the earth and its inhabitants is increasing and we are transitioning from the 3rd to the 4th density and eventually into the 5th, which is characterised by much-increased awareness, cooperative thinking, and unconditional love. In other words, we are slowly evolving into higher levels of consciousness. At least some of the population is, and that is why we are experiencing this sense of two co-existing realities. We are currently separated by two different levels of consciousness that are attracting and consequently experiencing two very different realities.

Going back to the radio analogy, I am sure you will have at some point, whilst listening to the radio, experienced how at times, two different frequencies interfere with one another causing an unbearable mix of both frequencies playing at the same time as they fight for air space - that is exactly what is happening now. Some of us are tuned into a wonderful symphony of liberation, awakening, ascension, love and light, whilst others are still stuck with a heavy metal song of darkness, fear, control, enslavement and death. The two frequencies playing at the same time is the resulting dissonance we are experiencing.

Those tuned into the symphony, know the heavy metal song is still playing; the power structure, the mainstream media and the entertainment industry do a good job of making sure it plays over and over and over and over and over again. But some of us have tuned out of it, that frequency is no longer ours, we left it behind. We turned into a higher frequency that has allowed us to step out of the 3rd dimensional matrix onto the 4th and begin to feel, to sense, to think, to dream a much better 5th dimensional reality that will slowly materialise as more and more of us tune into its frequency. This is, in fact, the Great Awakening. This is how humanity saves itself. It is our responsibility to do so. We all have a part to play in our ascension, but we must do it collectively, so if you have not done so yet, please tune yourself to the right frequency. Turn your dial away from the heavy metal song, it only leads to a dystopian reality of control and enslavement. Turn your dial instead to the frequency of the beautiful symphony in which we all play our unique tune. The symphony which we create in unison, through cooperation and collaboration, in consonance and harmony with the planet and all living things. The symphony that was always meant to be played, that matches the sounds and resonance of the universe, the symphony that plays in the key of love, of light, of God.

Elevate your consciousness and align yourself with the frequency of awakening and liberation, it is your choice to make. Remember we create our own reality and collectively we create the world’s reality. Time to change to a better frequency, don’t you think?

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