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You vs You

I have been on a journey to find truth for quite some time now, nine years to be precise. A search for the truth in me, for the truth in others and for the truth in this world. I have come to realise that nothing is more important than finding truth. You cannot be free and you cannot harbour light without the knowledge of truth. That is why they have tried so hard to hide it away from us.

Truth is a commodity they don't want us to possess, it makes us free and powerful, and therefore difficult to control. The more we deviate from the truth the more malleable, gullible, credulous and plain dumb we become, all of which turns us into the sheep that can be driven in any direction, even straight to the slaughter house, without resistance. Look around at what is happening right now; I rest my case.

Those of us that have been scratching the surface of lies for some time, have managed to catch glimpses, clues, notions of truth that have only made us hungrier for more. Once you start you can’t stop, and despite the feelings of manipulation, betrayal, abuse, outrage and anger that arise with each agonising discovery, we continue the search for more truth, often broken hearted as we leave friends and loved ones behind that are too scared to accompany us along the path of greater resistance. They fail to realise it is also the path to freedom.

Once you catch a glimpse of the light of truth, you cannot but follow it wherever it may lead you. There is an inertia, a pull, a magnetism that draws you towards it because deep down, your soul is screaming for you to follow it. Not only is the quest stronger than you, it actually becomes your strength. It’s what keeps you going, what feeds your light and above all, what connects you to God. This is when all the aches and pains of the search vanish, the price paid becomes insignificant to the reward of reconnecting with the Creator, with life itself and with the version of you that was meant to be.

The search for truth is none other than the search for God. For God is the ultimate truth. And the truth is; that he is within us. We are born not remembering who we are or where we come from, life itself is a test to see if we will figure out our way back home. We are Hansel and Gretel without the breadcrumbs. It’s not an easy journey, only made more difficult if you are not in touch with your instinct and intuition, which is how God hints us towards the path we must follow. So always listen to your heart, your gut, your soul, they are our guidance mechanism.

Every step of understanding makes you stronger, every breath of knowing makes you shine brighter and as you slowly walk the path towards truth, you start feeling calm, free and empowered. Nothing worth experiencing comes easy in life, and the path of awakening is no exception, it is nothing short of an ongoing battle. It’s a test to our faith, our morality, our courage, our endurance, our patience and our love. But the sense of strength, unity, knowing, compassion, love, light and fearlessness that you begin to feel simply by walking towards truth is worth every painful step.

It is time for humanity to look in the mirror. Time to acknowledge what we have become; a collective of egocentric, narcissistic, materialistic, self-indulging, immoral, insensitive, lazy and coward beings.

“ We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.”

Max Depree

We each must take the time to consider who are and take responsibility for who we have become. With every action, every decision, every thought, every emotion and every choice we make, we are establishing our standing. Where are you standing? Are you standing in the light? Or are you leaning towards the shadows? Think about it. Change only comes about after acknowledgement of the existence of a problem. The first step in the recovery of alcoholism is the acknowledgement that you are indeed an alcoholic. In the same way, we must acknowledge our short comings if we want to improve and evolve. Society can only change if we change. It’s time for all of us to contribute to positive change by individually making the right, moral choices.

The idea of moral relativism has permeated society through every form of mental control and indoctrination possible; television, education, entertainment, literature, and all forms of culture, to the point that it is now accepted as the mainstream understanding of morality. The purpose seems clear; to blur the lines of good and bad, of right and wrong, of moral and immoral. But there is nothing relative about morality. Morality is simply the distinction between right and wrong, and there are no two ways about it.

I believe that humans instinctively know where the line is, but it has purposefully been blurred to such degree, that some people can no longer tell the difference. This is why we are where we are. Too many blurred lines. It’s time to look at oneself with 20/20 vision and draw those lines so we may never cross them again. You only get lost when your lines are blurred, make sure they are defined. Truth makes those lines come into focus.

This is not just a war of ‘us vs them’, this is also a war of ‘you vs you’. We live in a binary universe, and inside of us there is both light and darkness. The question is which one is leading your life? Which one is driving your decisions? Your thoughts? Your actions? Have you allowed the indoctrination and the brainwashing to skew your perception of morality? Have you lost your sense of decency, respect and righteousness? Are you making choices based on materialism, vanity or selfishness?

Remember the journey of awakening requires for us all to awaken to who we have become and make the changes necessary to be who we were meant to be. I know you have the courage to do so. Bless you.

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