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Heart vs Mind

In considering starting this blog, the following internal scenario played out:

On one side of the ring was my heart being the perfect coach, I could almost hear it; "Come on Laura! you can do it! go for it! Speak your mind, share your thoughts, voice your opinions! why not?'. On the other side of the ring, my mind's dialogue went something more along these lines; 'What makes you think that anyone is interested in what you have to say?' 'Why would people listen to you?' 'Who do you think you are?'. I am sure you can all relate to this type of mind discourse! Isn't our mind just lovely, huh?

Luckily for me, I have learned to put my mind in its rightful place, exactly where it belongs:- in the tool box! That is nowhere near the driving seat. Don't get me wrong, our mind is the most wonderfully useful tool, it's helped me learn everything I know, but it's not the boss. It does not guide me, it does not drive me and it certainly won't be making important decisions for me. For that I have a better ally, my faithful companion, my compass, my guide: I have my heart. My heart always knows better for it is in touch with the seen and the unseen, with the known and the unknown, with what is and what is not, and it has never failed me. So remember, always follow your heart, it's the best GPS.

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