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Sanity vs Magic

The world is pretty much divided between those of us that are open to endless reality possibilities and those that restrict themselves to the limitations of our five senses. Those that go about life basing everything on facts and hard evidence, rapidly label those of us, who live by intuition, feeling or presentiment, as insane. But are we?

It seems to me, that the most important things in life are those that cannot be measured or quantified, or in fact touched or seen, but that can be felt, perceived and sensed without the senses. Our five senses are a wonderful gift, a perfectly designed set of equipment courtesy of our creator for us to be able to enjoy the experience of life to its fullest. But he gave us more than the five senses. He gave us what we may call ‘intuition’, a knowing without explanation, an innate knowledge, a connection to the mystery of the divine. Therein lies the magic.

What some perceive as insanity, is in fact the greatest form of sanity; the understanding of who we really are and what we are made of, the awareness of our potential, the recognition of our purpose, the understanding of our truth, the accessing of the knowledge within, the feeling whole and one with everything, in other words; the being human in its fullest expression. It is this ‘sanity’ that is actually magic, but to those not in touch with any of it, we seem insane.

The greatest tragedy in today’s world is that we forgot. Somewhere along the line we forgot who we are, what we are made of and why we are here. How can we lead happy fulfilled lives if we don’t know who we are? How can anyone expect to achieve joy, contentment or peace when we have turned our backs to the source of those feelings, whilst we search for them in all the wrong places!?

In our desperate need to fit into a society fed on facts and ‘science’, a world of political correctness, civic compliance and thoughtless acquiescence to a system that makes little sense in the grand scheme of things, we are completely out of touch with our truth and those of us that can see it are called insane.

But us, 'insane' people that can see the magic, have figured out that it all lies within, but you need to stop. To be still. To breathe. To look inside. To remember. To connect. To ‘be’. For the first time, to ‘be’. To be YOU. The YOU that you were intended to be. The human ‘being’. It is then that you reject the fake ‘sanity’ and you embrace the real soundness of mind, the one that knows that we are so much more, the one that listens without ears, sees without eyes and feels without touch. The sanity that embraces the mystery of the divine, the magic that leads us to where we need to go and the perception of wholeness. Be the insane human ‘being’ that you were meant to be and live the magic of life as it was created.

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” ― Edgar Allan Poe

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"What some perceive as insanity, is in fact the greatest form of sanity; the understanding of who we really are"

Oh I love it!

God wins. Always has and always will forever. We’re here to learn to deal with fallen nature and those who have chosen to abuse the free agency they were given because that’s just one of the phases of how we grow and learn, often times away at school in a veiled state. It’s simply about our learning, advancement and Eternal Progression under the watchful loving perfectly mindful aware eyes of God our Eternal Parents.


Carlos Nunes Vaz
Carlos Nunes Vaz
Oct 10, 2021

I have been following your channel in Telegram and many times forward some of your brilliant insights to Liberum Arbitrium groups I founded in Telegram and Facebook. You are a truly amazing and inspiring human being.

Thank you!!


Is here a way to get in touch with you, Laura?


Thanks for sharing your truth. I agree and look forward to reading more from you.


Beautiful. I’m with Edgar. 💜

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